Orthodox V Parishes

Orthodox V is a Charitable Association of 13 Parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church and under the spiritual guidance of His Holiness Kirill Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.


The history of the Orthodox V Charitable Association is relatively short. The origin of the organization began through informal discussions between Serge Lopushinsky and Bill Holyk. Their aim was to try to unite the five Parishes that Rev. Stephan Abramchuk was serving at the time, and to try to organize a fund raiser to help pay for the living accomodations.

On October 31, 1985 at a meeting of the five parishes, held at the Holy Trinity Church at Wostok, the name Orthodox V was chosen. Serge Lopushinsky was elected as President and Vicky Holyk as Secretary.

On November 15, 1985, the first Pre-Lenten Social (or Puschenia) was held at the St. Michael Recreation Center. The function was an outstanding success.

Shortly after the Puschenia, a meeting was held at the St. John the Baptist Parish at Chipman to review the successful function, and the third position was filled by electing Kim Lopushinsky as Treasurer.

As the priests were changed, so did the number of Orthodox V Parishes change. Rev. Michael Fourik became the presiding minister for Orthodox V and the number of Parishes grew to 9.

In 1989, a decision was made to move the priest from Edmonton to Lamont to be closer to the majority of the parishes and parishioners.

In 1991, a major undertaking by the organization was to put together an Orthodox Service Book. Under the direction of Rev. Michael Fourik and the blessing of then Archbishop Makary, a book committee was formed. After approximately sixteen months, the first publication of one thousand books was done. Shortly thereafter, a second printing took place. Until this day this book is in use by most parishes in the area.

The next biggest undertaking of the organization was to purchase a residence for the priest. Through many generous donations from parishioners, fund raising, etc., a house was purchased in 1992.