Holy Trinity (Whitsuntide) Parish, Thorsby

This history of the church dates back to the years 1917 – 1918, when the residents of the area gathered at homes to worship in the Orthodox Faith of their forefathers. As the area settled, a church was built with the efforts of the people of the area, both Orthodox and other faiths. The building was shared for the purpose of worship.

Serving the Orthodox group in those early days were Right Reverend Amphilogy and Right Reverend Archmandrite Arseny.

In 1920, the small group purchased a two-acre site from the C.P.R. for the purpose of a church and graveyard. The first executives were Nick Harrish, Andrew Poholko, and Peter Shymansky. In the summer of 1920, the land was cleared and construction began on the church that still stands today. The building was built of materials and labour donated by all members.

The church has been renovated on several occasions. In the 1940s, the original siding was removed and replaced by new stucco shingles and foundation. In the 1950s, a new Iconostasis was built by the skilful hands of Mr. Daruda. Materials were supplied by the other members of the church. In the 1960s, the interior took on a new look with new wall panelling and a new ceiling. Power was installed, as well as propane heating . Alongside the church is a hall built from the siding removed from the church. This hall is used during the summer for annual picnics.

The cemetery was up-graded and all unidentified graves marked with pillow markers.

In 1987 the church was repainted on the outside; the Iconostasis and interior were also redecorated.

Now, after 83 years, the “Little Church on the Hill”, as it is often referred to by the local people, still stands fulfilling the needs of 15 to 20 families who worship the Orthodox faith that their forefathers loved.

Contacts & driving directions

President: Philip Pawlyk @ 1(780) 389-3352
Vice-President: Nadia Harrish @ 1(780) 789-2336
Secretary-Treasurer: Dennis Kuta @ 1(780) 789-3853
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Go 2 miles south of Thorsby on Road #778, then go to Road # 490 (Glen Park Rd.) then turn left and go 2 miles east. The church will be on your right hand.

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